WTB: SCV fightstick PS3


As the title says I’m looking for the SCV Soul Edition Fightstick. Looking for the ps3 version, comes with everything, including box, foam pads, insets, and warranty sticker still intact. Looking to only spend from 70-100 depending on the condition. Hit me up, I’m located in California. Thanks everyone.


Where did the blue side panels come from? I’ve seen them before but have no idea where they come from other than that Chun-Li stick


@daicon They only come from sticks already made. For example, the SCV te has one blue side panel, the TTT2 TE has both blue side panels, and the Chun Li TE has them. I was hoping that if someone modded those sticks and didn’t want them I could buy them. Or better yet, the TTT2 stick.


Updated thread and still looking.


I have one of the Tekken Hybrid sticks and a SC V stick both for PS3 if you are interested. Both are MadCats TE editions.


Hi, thanks for the offer. Unfortunately as of right now, I just want the ones I posted I have been especially looking for the TTT2 Te for ps3 for a while, and when I stop looking for it, that’s the time people tend to sell it. So it’s just my luck I guess :(. I will contact you later about the SCV stick, as I am looking for that as well. Right now I am trying to focus on one stick at a time. I’ll keep in touch though, thanks!


I’m still looking for that tekken tag tournament 2 madcatz stick if anyone wants to get rid if theirs ;), I’ll gladly take it.


Still looking :slight_smile:


Anyone have an extra they are willing to part with?


Updated thread title with WTS and WTB


Updated with pics


New offers and wants


Prices changed and trade offers


I have a TvC SE wii stick… It has already been stripped of artwork… Barebones as it were…


@Hmmm thanks, but I’m looking for everything complete and original. I saw in another thread you were looking for a fightstick pro. Were you looking specifically for a 360 one?


Found TTT2 stick, now looking for something else. Title updated.