WTB - SD memory cards, & Micro if ya got em

if you have SD memory cards just laying around id love to take em off your hands

size is doesnt matter (no homo)
as long as its more than 256, less than that its a maybe
1gb+ preferred

i need as many as i can get, so name you price

PS: used is ok, as long as its in good, working condition.


PM me!

$14.50 + $1.20 Tax + Free S&H (7-10 Day) = $15.70 for a SanDisk 1GB SD Card!

In my experience, I often got what I ordered in 5 days instead of the 7-10 they say it’s coming in from this site.
http://slickdeals.net/ is a great site for finding random good deals.

If you can’t wait that long, they’re also selling them at Circuit City for $25 + tax… so like… 27 dollars for each. Still not a bad price at all… and if you’re going to go to CC anyway, I’d go with the slightly more expensive model:
The SanDisk Ultra II has a higher transfer rate so it’s better for DSLRs & video cameras (which is what I’m assuming you’re getting this for)… it’s like a dollar extra but it makes a difference.

i didn’t really need links to shops

i figure i can get them cheaper from people here, cuz theyd be used
and i wouldnt have to pay ridiculous shipping when it would just be an envelope

but thanks anyway dude :wink:
ps: join us next week!

i have a 1 GB mini SD card with the mini SD adapter… not sure if thats what you want.

hmm i dont really need that mini sd

just regular sd

thanks anyway :tup:

sorry :smiley:

i think it can be used as a regular sd, and mini sd. i dont really use it :stuck_out_tongue:

but youre welcome. if you ever change your mind, hit me up :smiley:

i know it can i already have one :wink:
haha im so easily convinced!

how much?

i seriously dont even know how much they go for. hit me with a reasonable price and its yours. it was free and i never used it :stuck_out_tongue:

actually how about…
0.01USD + 9.99USD shipping

10 dollars shipped, sir?
if so, paypal me at erikstanton@gmail.com and ill ship it out right now.


sending payment
thank you sir

anyone else ;x?

itll probably arrive by tomorrow or the next day :o)

I’m intrigued, what the hell are all these gonna be used for?

ohh you’ll see

he’s going to take over the world with them shits.

I’ll go see if I can find some of my old ones. If not, I can pick you up a 4 Gig one for around 27.

tell me how!!

dood they have 1 gigs at the staples by ur house. for 14.99 i went when i bought my camera after i left ur house yesterday

youv’e foiled me again!

alright shoo i shipped it out today. went to the movies yesterday and by the time i came back the mail person had already picked up the shit :frowning:

mail person?
haha you arent sexist at all are you?

anywho no worries i dont really need it till the weekend so its all good :tup: