WTB: SE artwork from Kinko's


Hi guys, anyone interested in sending SE artwork printed in Kinko’s (lamilabel) abroad and laset cut? I have a SE, but there is no Kinko’s around or any other company offering lamilabel. Packaging should be done so that the the image gets to the end user as desired (probably using a PVC tube or hard box.

Anyone willing to offer this service?
Thanks in advance


check out arthong’s website
great guy and great job


arthong doesn’t have Service with option for adhesive laminate from FedEx Kinkos.
But I guess he can do it if asked, since all his prints are done at FedEx Kinkos.

He doesn’t have the laminate option because his Print and Cut Service is to go with his Custom Acrylic Panel.
It is kind of weird to have laminated art and put acrylic over.
Possible to get pressed smudges from the two layers.


ah i see
how would you laser cut it?