WTB: SE/Brawlstick/TVC "Joystick"


Looking to pay $15 Shipped to 11385/NY for 3 of those SE/Brawlstick/TVC in Mint Condition ( Usually people swap with Sanwa JLF and leave those on the side) I Can Get 2 TVC Arcade Sticks with The code “GANQ4” until it Expires on 12/13/2011 for $36 shipped. So $15 dollars Shipped for 3 of those Joysticks it’s a fair price. Thanks


Just the joystick?




i got 2 for 23 shipped


would you take 1 for $7? :slight_smile:


Thanks guys I got 3 for 16. I might need more later on but I’m good for now :slight_smile:


damn…it would cost 16 dollars to ship three from canada to us…ah well…


if you ever need any more i got a bunch too!