WTB: Sealed MvC2 vinyl album from Comic-Con


Hopefully whomever has one knows who I am/what I can do. I’m looking to buy a sealed MvC2 vinyl disc being offered as prizes at the Capcom booth currently at San Diego Comic-Con.

I have money, I have tech skills to kill for, and a lot to offer. If you have one, get ahold of me.


I’d buy one and send it to you if I could Toodles! Someone hook him up!!


No shit. This guy bends over backwards to help the community. Good luck in your search Toodles!


i dont have 1 but thought id help atleast though you prob checked already there a few on ebay


theres this 1 lol 400 obo lol


Im following the first two auctions, didnt see the third.
If anyone well known is at SDCC and trustworthy, I’m pretty sure I’d buy three TE’s to resell so it’d be over the $500 for the free album.


Your only allowed to buy 2 TE sticks. And they are sold out of those.


Toodles, you bidding on either of those?


I expect I’ll be trying to snipe on one or both.
I read where that only 200 were made, but only 30 of them would be at SDCC. If anyone knows anything about the other 170, please speak up


alright, i’ll wait til you get yours then


Nah, go ahead and bid. The first one has a day to go and is already $71. As fun as one would be, I can’t justify it for that much.


toodles do you DJ?


too much for my blood but I would love a copy.


heh, aw hell no.
Honestly, I just wanted to get one to frame and put on the wall. Same reason I’m trying to find an uncut Garou:MOTW marquee.


Well i have 2 copies I’m probably going to put them up on ebay or craigslist and I’m not trying to hustle but how much are you willing to pay before I put them up for bid? Both of my copies sealed and i want to keep one for the same reason as your Toodles. I don’t have online service but i’ll check back tomorrow somehow to see what you think. Peace and safety.


Dam! That one vinyl went on eBay for $255! I couldn’t believe it. I found someone selling on craigslist locally for $250, if I can get it for you, can I trade the MVC2 vinyl towards credit for around $250 worth of MC Cthulhus?


For hard cash (err, paypal), not more than $50. But in trade for services, I can do a bunch. If you’re just wanting moneys, sell it.

(turns on calculator in head…)
Yes, I would, as long as we’re talking assembled MC’s and not kits. I’d do 6 assembled boards, and if looks all nice and pristine when it got here, could be talked into a couple small additions (imps, cords, etc)


Honestly i want money and not to be an a** but i could get at least $200 for it on ebay. Nothing personal doo but it’s just business.


Alright man, I’m e-mailing the dude, trying to secure this record for you, there’s another one that popped up for $250, but it’s about an hours drive away. If I can’t get this first one that’s about 30 min away, i’ll chase after the other one that popped up. Can’t do Unassembled? Maybe an assembled/unassembled combination? I guess we’ll just iron out the details when I actually acquire this record for you. :smokin:


The guy responded back and he still has the vinyl available! I’m arranging a meetup this week, craigslist killer here I come

EDiT: He got back in touch with me and set up a meetup for next week, I might just meet up with him next friday cuz that’s payday, but I don’t know if you’re in a hurry to get this thing or not


Did you get one of these yet? If not I got one for you, sending you a PM!