WTB: Sega Astro City CP plastic Surround

Hey all. I’ve been trying to track down one of these for a while now. They seem a bit harder to come by than I originally thought. About the only place I’m seeing them is Yahoo Japan but from what I hear, after 3rd party fees and shipping, it’s not even worth it (in terms of time and money). If anyone has one in the states that they have laying around, I’d be VERY INTERESTED!!! :woot: It doesn’t have to be in great condition either…so long as it’s not so badly cracked that it affects the structural integrity. Chips and dings here and there are fine. In case my description of what I’m looking for wasn’t clear, here is what I am I looking for.


On a somewhat related note, I purchases one of those Dual Saturn Sticks (HSS-0130) because I thought it would fit perfectly onto the New Astro City, however, the plastic casing of the HSS does not separate easily, unless I’m completely overlooking something. Has anyone ever transplanted the HSS onto an Astro City before? If so, I’d be interested in that as well.

Any help on either topics would be much appreciated. PLEASE!!! Thanks!

Thanks for the PM…any other possible leads out there?