WTB Sega Astro City / Japanese candy cab style arcade stick shell


Looking for something to replicate the look…basically a white shell with angles.


Are you looking for a HSS-0130 like the Sega Saturn version ? or are you looking for something that you can use for modern stuff ?

If you want a modern panel, @"Jasen Hicks"‌ is the only US party I’d personally suggest, he does reproduction metal panels with overlay artwork that are really nice.
They need a box to bolt into, but that’s not hard if you or your brother or uncle has a woodworking hobby. (man that sounds sexist, i’m sure ladies work with wood too… now that sounds bad too… i’m gonna stop)

Kray who makes the Kraylix Tatio style cabinets could probably make a control panel and stuff, but you’d have to talk to him.

Or… Are you looking for something completely different ?


Something just similar, probably for one player. Sure the Sega Astro city style would be ideal but not necessary. Are Japanese cabinets made out of wood at all?


No, in all my experience the majority of older cabinets are Plastic shells, with steel frames inside, newer models are metal with plastic accent pieces.

My suggestion, take it with a little salt… order a 1 player panel in the layout you want, specify the overlay/art you want, and have a wood worker make you a box.
Then fill it with whatever pad hack, or pcb you wanna use.

Getting the panel and making a post with a sketch on your local craigslist will allow you to have more control over the whole thing.

This was an example of what i think you’ll want… @mdsfx‌ started it like 5 years ago, and probably does not take orders anymore, last activity in that thread was 3 years ago.

Those measurements would be helpful if you were looking to contract a builder locally, but I’d get the panel done first, then find a wood worker, and since it’s off season for most trade work, you might be able to get a decent deal.

Best of luck man.


I have an authentic blast city control panel surround with a 1 Player reproduction panel I’d be willing to let go for the right price. It’s what the HSS Saturn stick is based on, except this is made of sturdy fiberglass and not plastic.


I found a astro city panel on eBay a couple years ago for $40 and restored it. Everyone once in awhile you get lucky with stuff like this… Also check out our good friend @"Jasen Hicks"‌ who makes replica panels for sega cabs on jasenscustoms.com - you can easily fabricate a shell for one.

How it came originally from seller.

Sanded / Painted and restored with artwork and sanwa parts + and ps360 PCBs

installed onto a IKEA Micke desk as a mini cab.