WTB: Sega Astro City Single Control panel or Arcade Street Fighter IV control panel

I have a Sega Astro City cabinet but with a two player control panel. I want to make it as a one player so that I could make it into a versus with another cabinet.

I also like those arcade SFIV taito control panels with the taito card holder. I was wondering where I could get those. I looked at them at the arcade and it seems like it could also fit in an astro city.

Anywhere online is fine but also I live in SoCal so I was also wondering if there is a store I could get them at also.

Also anyone know where I can find another Sega Astro City?

Thank you.

you just missed out one some dude sellin an Astro City for like 200 from So Cal last week.

ill look for the thread. maybe its still available.

Damn. Hopefully you could find it. Thanks.

Is your panel a 2 player/ 12 button? If so, let me know if you find something to replace it and are willing to sell it, I’ve been looking for one for my Astro for a while. I have a 2 player/ 6 button panel to trade if you’re interested at all in that.

It’s two player 14 button (Including the two start buttons)

I have to think about that first though sorry. Because I need to get another astro city cab so that I could play versus third strike on two cabs. We will see what happens.

But do you or does anyone know if this website is legit:


Has anyone ordered from the USA ordered from this?

They’re legit. Very.
That place is run by an SRK member. I’ve ordered from there more than once. Good place.

Very legit what 1p panel you lookingfor 6 button layout or 4 button layout

Yeah, that’s what I meant, sorry. And yeah, akihabarashop.jp is legit. Just lemme know if you’re interested in selling or trading the panel sometime.

I’m looking for 6 button. SF layout.

Does anyone out there know what part is needed to link two Astro City together aka head to head style?

Its ultra rare to find one of those sfiv capcom control panel. Im so glade that i own one.

what a tease. now i want one too

Good lord that is gorgeous.