WTB - Sega Dreamcast

A friend wants to try here first before trying ebay.

We need

One working DC console,
Power Cable and AV cables

and 1 vmu if you got it

pm me with what you got

thanks :tup:

i’ll let u know tomorrow if i can get one.

I have one sitting around, and yeah, it’s the first generation, so it plays burnt discs… I am gonna be putting it up with alot of my other stuff in to sell at the end of the week if you didn’t find one yet.

I have a region free JP DC with a clear black modded top and matching clear black VGA box (will throw in composite cables), and a VMU… Not exactly cheap, but let me know if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

I got one with a few games. The system is basically complete, but I cut off the red RCA cable off the AV cables, and I’ve put marker marks on the console itself for security reasons.

I’ll throw in MvC1, 3s and Shenmue with the offer(since they will be useless to me).

I’ll also trade for it.

PM me with an offer.

I have one just sitting around too. Plays burned games too.

2 Controllers
3rd Strike
SF3 Double Impact