WTB: Sega Superstars Tennis for X360


Curious if anyone was selling this game, I’ll pay 20-25 dollars or trade or some such deal you can offer.


I thought this game was just released like 2 weeks ago, I dont think that price is suitable for it just yet.
You need to wait a few more months to pick it up at that price. Maybe weeks.

Minimum you can get it on ebay is like 40-45.


Ah, well, I figured it was a low-reviewed game, and it had a starting price of 50 dollars, and people are selling it used on eBay for around 20ish… Oh well.


They’re going for much more than that on ebay…


Yeah, the buy-now price is give or take 40-50 bucks. But some of those auctions are gonna peak at around 30 dollars.

EDIT: Well whatevs, just lock the thread.


Just wait a little while I’m sure the price will go down pretty fast. I have it for Wii and it was really disappointing. Really slow-paced and just not very fun at all.