WTB: Seimistu LS-32 Main Round Guide (Circle gate)


I heard Seimistu used to make circle gates for the LS-32 sticks, but they aren’t anymore. Here’s how they look like:

I would have liked to ordered it from Arcadeshop.de but I’m wary of doing bank transfers since it’s the only way I can do it. (My order has to be a minimum of $10 to pay with paypal).

By any chance, does anybody here have one to sell?

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If you happen to have a square gate i am willing to trade.


I’ll have one for sale within the next week so PM me your offer. Keep in mind, I always ship items enclosed in a padded package or box with delivery confirmation which is ~$3 for cost of all 3 (packing material, shipping & delivery confirmation).


I don’t have a spare square seimistu gate on me. I have spare sanwa circle gate inserts, though.


Sorry for the late response. If you still have it I am willing to trade. Granted if its a toodles gate. Love me that blue.