WTB: Seimitsu Buttons and Etokki Omni stick/shell (viewlix) (


Hey guys looking for acouple of things

-Seimitsu Buttons
Looking for a set of 6 Seimitsu PS14GN, KN or K buttons in either Red, Red/black or white.
If you have any other seimitsu buttons in other colors sytle or size 30mm or 24mm hit me up. Might also be interested in those.

-Etokki Omni Stick
Looking for the an OG Omni case. I believe it was Rev 1 & 2 before they switched to Noir.
Korean or Japanese plexi, pcb/no pcb, no stick/buttons does not matter. As long as the case is in good shape.

Let me know



bump, still looking for the Omni and also added buttons.