WTB Seimitsu Clear Buttons

ya those sanwa or semitsu ones. i’m not sure what colors are available, but pink, green, or purp would be nice. thanks

Are you trying to buy them? Should this be in the Trading Outlet?

wtf i thought i posted there, ya i’m trying to buy them

lol this thread sounds pretty newb unless it’s in the trading outlet. Change title to WTB:___

What do you expect from someone named “mr. newbie?” :lol:

Seimtsu makes them

moved :^)

thanks. bump

Lizardlick will have them soon, www.lizardlick.com

i posted on the lizardlick forum but i’d like to get them now

We’ve got them up on the site right now… place your order tonight, and it’s out the door tomorrow morning…



OH SHIT! spazzes how much you got in stock?

do you have any colors?

Mr. Newbie, check the site, instead of asking us, if its on the site, the it exists, until its there, its only in a parallel universe, and until it becomes a meta physical incarnation, it only exists in your imagination.

You don’t post in the Lizard lick forums, you click on what you want, then click add to cart, then pay it, GG.

wow i did check the site. a better question would’ve been are you going to the buttons in any other colors. and i was talking to lizard. i posted in the thread because they weren’t on the site and it’s not a big stretch to assume he might be getting other colors. anyway i found them

Not to much reason to get the buttons in other colors though, because LL has all the Sanwa Colors, ie it would be almost a repeat unless theres enough demand. However getting the clear buttons was definitely a good idea, as Sanwa does not make clear buttons.