WTB: Seimitsu LS-56-01 Arcade Joystick


Well I need to mod a HRAP 3 and LS-32-01 is not going to work, so I need LS-56-01 instead. Anybody have one for sale?


I have an LS-55-01 which I believe takes the same style mounting plates as the LS-56-01. Let me know if you’re interested. If it matters I also have an extra wiring harness and a decent selection of ball top colors.


PM Sent


If all you need is a mounting plate. LS-32 comes with a MS and you need VF, which all swap out via 4 screws.

I have the original VF plate from an LS-56 $4 out the door from me, or $5+shipping from Lizardlick. Not trying to shit on dude’s sale, but you don’t need a whole stick for the mounting plate.


I can’t find a picture of the inside of a HRAP3 at the moment but if the mounting brackets look like this then I believe the combination of choices for a stick mounted at the correct height would be:
LS-32-01 w/SS mounting plate
LS-40-01 w/SS or RE mounting plate
LS-33 w/ MS mounting plate
LS-55-01 w/MS mounting plate
LS-56-01 w/MS mounting plate