WTB: Seimitsu modded joystick for PC/360

I got picky requirements more or less. I’m looking for a PC/360 joystick with the following:

*Seimitsu stick (LS-32-01 is prefered)
*Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons.
*Small based stick (Qanba Q1 XBOX360 sticks, which I think it is based on the X360 TE sticks is the right size for me, it is for my lap).
*If the stick has too much custom art I will not be interested.

The Hori XBOX 360 REAL ARCADE PRO VX SE KAI stick just about fit my needs but the stick is too wide for my taste. I’m looking for the same setup on a smaller base.

Stick would need to be shipped to Jacksonville, FL and I would like to keep this US only.