WTB: Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbuttons

If I am doing anything against the rules, let me know please. All I want to do is BUY!

I’ve been DYING to get a hold on some ps-14-kns since lizard lick went under in february. Akihabara even went under the first day they reopened! I’ve searched, researched, lurked, watched, and bid…and NOTHING is available. If anyone can help, i’ll buy for sure.

8- Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbuttons: PURPLE (i’ll take white if ya got em. if so, make it 4 purple 4 white)

Thanks in advanced srkers!

incredible post. thank you sir.

edit: they are out of white! ahhh!!! i’m going crazy here.

ive got 6 white semitsu buttons just sitting around…pm me if your still interested

PMed. anyone got them purple ones? gaming now’s site doesn’t carry purple


seriously, do you need to bump this? it’s only been like 10 hours

ha sorry. :sweat: just eager. how about a bump now? tiz been about 3 days.

hmmm…looks like no one has these. if anyone can help me out though, please let me know!

You can try ordering from Akihabarashop tomorrow (4/4) when they open.