WTB: Semitsu Joystick


I should have read some more faqs. I accidently bought an LS-32, not realizing they made a version without the 5 pin connector. I need an LS-32-01. Would be willing to trade my regular LS-32 I just bought for the LS 32- 01.


Akihabara is weird right now?

and change the thread title please


I have a spare as well.


Thanks guys, I got a new stick from someone over on Neo-geo.com. But the buttons would be nice to go with it.


Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with Akihabara Shop. My order shipped today. : D



how many pink seimitsu’s?


6 pink seimitsu’s.


Check updated first post


i have 6 pink seimitsu’s did you need em


I’ll be ok without the buttons, the stick is my main thing at the moment.


PS: LS-32-01 is the ordernumber at Seimitsu. When you recieve the joystick it always says LS-32-02 on it. Just so you know :).
AND, every joystick that ends with “-01” uses a 5-pin cabel.


Thanks for the info. Yes, I assumed they all had a five pin connector until I ordered one. But I still need the LS-32-01.




I could really use one shipped to me by Friday, help. LS-32-01


I got a brand new LS-32-01, with the harness and S-mounting plate. $25 shipped priority.
If you hit me up by 5:30, I’ll be able to send it out today.


Check your pms, caleb.