WTB service: Need someones help from the US

I’m not sure if this is allowed anymore, but I just wanted some help on buying something offered only at the US right now.

It’s basically a case for the Ipod touch. I tried looking for it online, but AFAIK it’s still new and the company that makes it only ships to the US.

Here is the link:


Not sure how this would work, but maybe I could paypal the amount spent + the shipping it would cost to send it here to Canada.

i can do it for ya tomorrow i no one else will. ill pm ya when i get on

If he can’t I’ll help!

Slider Case (Black) on ebay.

yeah we might have the black one here, but not the white one.

well im short on cash right now so i cant cover it myself, youd have to paypal me the money for the case and the shipping cost to you first.

if you want to, id be more than glad to order it and ship it to you, if thats not something you wanna do, i can understand.

lemme know

edit- if you do, all i would want it some good feedback in my seller thread after we get thru.

Well, there are many legal brothels in Nevad–ahemhack* uhmm… so what do you think of the Canadian weather we’ve been getting?

oDas: Ninja will pretty much be getting it for me already, thanks for offering though.

deadfrog:… legal you say? it’s getting warmer, so I’m not complainin’.

Mods if you want, go ahead and close thread. Found someone to help me already, thanks for looking everyone.