WTB: Service to mod Hori Fighting Stick EX to all Sanwa parts

hi, I’m looking for someone in the Taiwan, Hong Kong, East Asia area that can help me mod my Hori Fighting Stick EX Soul Calibur 4 edition for the Xbox 360.

I’m only looking to replace all parts with all Sanwa parts.

-Sanwa JLF square gate with Seimitsu light blue clear ball top
-Sanwa buttons light blue

Edit - I’ll be paying for shipping, parts, and labor. Please PM me the price. Thanks for reading.

good luck the stick is 25 bux plus 6 buttons is18 bux plus shipping

That’s why you see Hori Ex2s that are modded sold for 130 dollars

That’s how much they sell for? Holy crap, I have a couple lying around. I need to get modding then.

man sanwa parts must be cheap in asia because 50 bucks wouldn’t even cover the price of the parts in America.