WTB: Services for a Sigma AV7000

A pom recently sold me an AV7000 and I’d love to use either a SNES or Saturn pad with it. Having no actual soldering skills myself, I was wondering if anyone here has done anything like this, or maybe where I should be redirected.

I know that adapters for the 9000TB exist, but I was wondering if there were any adapters in this style to use other pads with.

Thanks much.

You can’t go from a digital signal to an analog signal without special engineering, soldering skills alone won’t allow you to do that. The adapters you have seen allow you to use the Sigma joysticks on a Playstation (from analog to digital; the Sigmas have a Playstation PCB inside the joystick already) but you can’t go the other way. You would need an engineer to decode the digital signal from your Saturn/SNES pad, and convert that to analog.

laugh just designed a device that does this for Playstation controllers only (plug in Playstation controllers to analog devices) but you won’t ever find something like that for SNES/Saturn pads, so ideally you could find a Playstation controller you like and buy an adapter from laugh. He has a thread in Trading Outlet as well.

It’s also possible to rewire a saturn pad with direct connections to the buttons; i’ve done it before. Only issue is you need a cable with 13 or more conductors, which can throw the weight off a little bit. You also need to either remove the chip on the controller, or keep it powered somehow.

Yeah, well, this would help if I didn’t already say that I don’t have any soldering experience. Thanks though.

I’ve posted in laugh’s thread now. Maybe he can help me with this.

It would definitely be cheaper to hire someone to solder a Saturn pad with analog connections for a Sigma than it would be to hire an engineer to build an adapter that converts the Saturn port to analog for a Sigma. For your situation, that’s what I would recommend (if it must be a Saturn pad and not a Playstation).

There was a guy selling one of the rare/official Sega Saturn pads for Playstation dirt cheap on here yesterday, too bad you missed it as that would’ve been perfect with one of laugh’s adapters!