WTB: Services of a stick maker going to evolution

I recently bought back a stick I sold for $60 for $30 (which i haven’t paid yet), and the fool took the QD’s off and soldered the shit on there. My soldering skills are LOW THE FUCKING TIER, and I don’t want to melt something.

My request… I’m looking to pay around $20 + parts.

I need,
QD’s (24x)
and maybe some cherries replaced. There’s 12 cherries total needed, so can you bring 12 to EVO, just in case, all need to be replaced?

So what would that be around $15? So $35 total to fix it up?

Also, can I get an estimate price on how much it would be to replace the hard spring in the competition stick to a medium spring?

Everything is HAPP parts.

I figured making this thread would be easier and cleaner than asking each individual stick maker in their thread, “are you going to evo? can you do me a favor?” and be all stupid about it.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

lol, this thread is strangely funny.

I’d help ya out but I don’t go to evo :(.

edit: Did you just call us STICKERS?

i can do it,

sending pm

hey, can I buy parts from you without paypal?

i don’t have paypal

i need say… 12 cherries and 24x QDs. I have wire and all that mess, so that’s not a problem at all.

i could possibly do it but my skills are avg. at best don’t expect TMO wiring
i presume this is evo world?

yeah, evo world

replacing spring is relatively easy and that i can do for certain. i’d do it for free if i make it to evo like 75% chance. as for my soldering skills they suck so i won’t attempt it.

just to be sure

you dont need soldering on the pad right?

i suck at that

if its just wiring and the pcb is already wired then its still good

Mixah, I only have 9 cherries right now and I can’t even guarantee you that they are new only that they seem to be new. The rest are stuck on my happ concave buttons and those I know are new but if you want those, you’ll have to buy the buttons too. I’m thinking 1 for the cherries and 1.50 for the concavebuttons w/ cherries and I’ll throw in the QDs for free if you buy 12.

I should say though, trust me, not all 12 will fail if they are working right now and you WILL NOT melt somethnig if your soldering to an area that large so don’t be afraid to try.

Im sure I have the QD’s and cherry switches you need…but I wont be at evo.

note just that its clear
i dont have any happ springs or cherry switches ON me but either of us can order this stuff from ponyboy or someone else. if i order this stuff i’d charge but if you have all this shit in front of me at evo world i can desolder, strip, replace and crip at no charge maybe just a sandwich or liquor or someother cheap copout

wait if you want new switches there’d be no point in desoldering you could just trim and crimp.


we’ll both be there,

so if we both do it, can we each get half a sandwich?

yeah, alright.

the buttons all work right now. i just don’t know how easy it will be to get all of the solder off. Maybe, I can get away with three extra cherries. the 24 QDs are still needed though.

I can send some in an evelope to you…for free…I dont need them.

yeah? that would be awesome

i might be going to evo… but im not sure this year… but if i do im a champ and can fix it for you.

oh and the hard spring is so easy to do i can tell you how over the phone if you wanna call me.

just buy the spring from pony boy. cuz i dont have any extera to send you.

ill see what i can do champ

ok, paintedpale is sending me the equipment, because he’s awesome like that.

it doesn’t include a midspring though.

ponyboy an SRK member? name doesnt sound familiar.

I can send you the spring for free. Where you at and when is Evo?

evo is august 24-26

PM sending.

I’ll put it in the mail on Monday, just dont Neg Rep me again :arazz: