WTB: SF3 W Impact

Looking to buy Street Fighter 3 W impact for Dreamcast.

Anyone got one for sale? Must have case and instructions.

What’s W impact?

World Impact…


I was debating it but shipping from Asia to Hawaii takes some time. Was hoping someone on srk wanted to sell theres to save time on waiting for it to ship and arrive.

Thanks for the find though.

Lol I still have mine. Was going to sell it to a previous srk dude but I don’t know what happened.

Collecting dust, opened only once! Gonna look for it.

In Japan “W” is often used to mean twice, double, or second.

Any luck finding it?

haha Double Impact is a great collection to get for the dc. I loved NG and 2I


I have it, the Japanese version with inlay,book and case. Mint condition. I’ll think about selling it. BTW, I live in Ireland so if I do sell it, it may take quite some time to arrive.

Yeah I found it, case, manual even the inserts! Some advert on the Saturn pad, dreampoints and uhh… a survey or some sort of fill-out form.

I’ll be out of town tomorrow; won’t be back until next week.