WTB : SF4 Femme Fatale Stick (Xbox360)

This is a long shot I know considering it’s limited run but if anyone is willing to sell theirs for a reasonable price I wanna buy.

I saw one on ebay a last week for much cheaper though. I looked, but couldn’t find it. Try playing with “arcade stick,” and “fightstick” and see what comes up.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw your PM. How much would you want for the SDCC stick?

I think i know which one you’re talking about the cheapest one i remember was about $200 and i regret not buying it right then. now the only ones i see are $600+ which is out of my price range

Im also looking for the femme fatale stick. They usually are priced anywhere from 400-800 on ebay or amazon. This stick is the only stick i need for my collection

Can a mod close this?

Are you still looking for one? Email me at rob.ritaccogmail.com if so.