WTB: SFA3 Dreamcast/CVS Pro PS1/CVS Dreamcast/GMOTW Dreamcast


Just looking to get one so I can play saturn Pocket Fighter, X-Men vs Street Fighter and others.


Wow that one is like my old one but mine looks different. It actually had a dip switch on the front of the cart to change between 1MB and 4MB. It was black and a blue sticker on the front with the ST-Key letters dark orange/red I think. Mine just stopped working one day even though the inside of the cart looked fine after opening it up. I’ve NEVER seen this version of it online period too. And even when it did work it only worked like half the time too. Anyone else here have this? And thanks!


Also I need a in good condition Capcom vs SNK Pro PS1 manual as mine is really beat up. Same for Garou Mark Of The Wolves Dreamcast.


I have an ST Key i’m not using. Send me a PM


Looking to buy Street Fighter Alpha 3 dreamcast, Capcom vs SNK Pro PS1, Capcom vs SNK dreamcast, and Garou Mark Of The Wolves dreamcast as well.


I have a japanese copy of SFA3 for DC if interested.


Sorry just mainly looking for usa versions. Is the japanese copy any better though?


Everything is identical but the japanese copy lets you play the downloadable Saikyo Dojo battles found in the Capcom fandisc.


I remember the Saikyo Dojo logo now but I don’t remember anything about a capcom fandisc. I’ll have to look that up.


It’s weird I have Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves for Dreamcast.

Suck it weeaboos.


Well I have the usa one too. Just my copy’s a bit beat up and I’d like to have one in better condition.