WTB SFAC arcade stick cord

My Dog eat it, and i don’t want a dual shock PCB
anyone has one?

You should be able to splice on a different cord. I cut the crappy cord off my white ds1 pcb near to the pcb and spliced on one of those nice thick old non analog ps1 controller cords. The wires are super thin inside the cord, and a bit tricky to strip, but it can definitely be done. Not having seen the sfac cord, the old ps1 cords are the best around, tough and thick. Be aware thought that if you use an old ps1 cord, you have only seven wires to use iirc, instead of 8. In my case, I left the wire that supplies power to the rumble motor (purple is the standard sony color of for that, I believe) unconnected. This doesn’t present a probelm for me, but maybe if you use a p360 or leds that need power, you might need the 8 wires. I may be wrong though, as the p360 might not run off that particular source. You’d have to look that up.