Wtb: Sfac Happ Modded

I would like to purchase a SFAC or MAS with Happ competition joysticks and convex buttons. I dont care much about the cosmetic condition as long as it works perfectly. I will be using this for ps2 and PC. I live in the NYC area pm me with offers

100 shipped. ill post pics if you want.

sorry 100 shipped is way too expensive.

Well, honestly, how much are you expecting/willing to buy it for?

If it’s in good condition and considering shipping charges, that’s not too bad.

I will buy whatever is the cheapest but is in perfect working condition. I will leave this up for about a week and will buy from the lowest offer.

i dont see how 100 shipped is expensive when parts and shipping alone is around $45.

but thats cool.

well you made a thread selling it for 90 and now your tryna sell it to me for 100.

…lol, that’s a 10 dollar difference.

if it’s modded, i would take it.

Bump. I Will Pay Immediately For 70 Shipped.

its modded. happ stick happ buttons

i neglected to mention the fact that i have no money after i got a custom. sorry, strider.

someone should nab that stick, though.

70.00 bucks for a modded heavy stick? That’s going to be tough unless you can find one locally for pickup.

I’m selling a modded HAPP SFAC stick on eBay if your interested. Here is the link: