Wtb: Sfac

Anyone have a SFAC with no scratches or scuffs and minty condition? Willing to pay 85 shipped. (prefer with original box)

Woah there Zooo2, might wanna specify that you’re looking for the Nubytech Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Arcade Stick. For a second I thought you were willing to shell out $85.00 for a copy of the game! :lol:

Good luck with your hunt though; those sticks look seriously nice! I love how American parts look. :tup:

have one, not so sure about it’s condition, been sitting in the garage for a WHILEEEE… i’ll take pics if you’re interested!

Sure take pics and PM me them

I have one but shipping would cost a pretty penny to ship to Oregon you might want to look around your local area the C list maybe. Shipping that huge heavy sucka does not really make it worth it for $85 but I guess it never hurts to try goodluck

hey. here are the pics. The thing is in great shape considering how long it’s been, with just a little scraped on the bottom corner, and a bit DUSTY. It’s ALL stock, no modding done to it.

However, I can replace it with ALL HAPP parts with same matching colored buttons. So either you can take it for $85 shipped as is or $125 shipped with HAPP parts. Let me know what you think.

i want something mint condition. Id pay up to 90

ok… gluck finding a mint one then.

Found one!