Hey, I’m trying to get a hold of a set of SFIV IC cards shipped to the UK.
Can anyone out there in Japan oblige? I’d be very grateful.

How many you need?

I’d be very interested too i’d be after about 4, if possible

I’d want a pair if it’s possible…

how much are they?? would be cool to have 'em

I’m after the full set. 4 is it?
How much do they cost each?

If you can get me a price for all of them plus postage to the UK (Plus a little on top for your trouble obviously) that’d be cool.

they’re like $5 each for 1. if you guys got paypal i can pick some up no problem. pm me

4 bucks a piece at alpha station in shin okubo

u get my pm strida?

Im gonna see if I can get a hold of some here in Cali. I’m gonna ask the owner today if he can get me a pack of them. If there’s a big demand then I’ll pick them up.

-Tha Hindu

Yea i got your pm’s I can pick some up today but i won’t be able to ship till tommorow cause it’s labor day here. I’ll calculate the shipping and let you know today. So far i got a request from FurryGreenMonster and DH020 4 each.

pm’s sent Could you guys just offset the paypal fees when you pay?

Are these diff from the Tekken ones in Japan? Can you just straight up and use them?

as far as I know you still have to register them through a japanese phone to customize everything. I have no idea why anyone would want them unless just for collector value type shit.

I sent payment before I saw your request for Paypal fees and stuff so I just now sent a little extra too.

They’re pretty much to just add to my SF collection really, not buying them to use them. They’ll just be impossible to find in the UK even if we ever get an SFIV cab or two over here.

I can 100% confirm that you need a Japanese phone, similar to the Tekken cards in order to do anything with them.