WTB:Shadow Jago Code


If anyone has one still… Looking to buy one Reply with a private e if so thanks.


If you don’t find a seller on here, you should try ebay, I’ve seen a few people selling them over there.


Also a lot of walmarts still have the Day One Year cards, so you could probably hook up with someone and pay for the code and they pay for the 12 months, just giving some extra sources


this is prob your best option really… i just picked up one from Bestbuy about a week and a half ago …Day One card $39.99 … Shadow Jago and a full year of live. way better than just paying $25+ for shadow jago on ebay or craigslist. Best thing to do is just go to walmart, target, bestbuy, even publix( they have gift card sections) and look. i called bestbuy asking if they had any and was told no, randomly walked into the very same bestbuy about a week after and saw three on the shelf. just gotta hunt. hope this turns helpful. good luck