WTB: Sigma AV7000 and 2x 9000TB sticks. (Found both items, please close thread)

Got what I needed from poonage and one of the guys over at gamengai. thanks!

There’s a chance (I’d have to check with my contact there first) that I could order some stuff directly from Sanwa/Seimitsu for you if you wanted, I know they sell some of the pre made stock panels and you could wire them up and be on your way. I can help you get them at cost plus shipping if you’re interested. Let me know and I’ll check with my friend over there.

Spooky, I do have a Sigma AV7000 for sale with two joystick CORDS but you would have to build/mod some joysticks to work with the cords/ports. If you’re interested, let me know and I can cut you a good price.

I have a guy willing to ship me 2 of the sticks that come standard with the av7000. Let me talk to him and make sure we can coordinate so that I can buy your av7000 + the 2 sticks from him, or possibly work on what’s needed to wire the 2 cords into 2 of my current sticks.

Edit: If anyone happens to have WORKING 9000tbs for sale please let me know asap.

anyone know if there is a guide around for wiring a stick to work with an av7000