WTB: Simple Foe Hammer Style Case


Like Title says or if anyone has the plans / schematic / measurements for it that would work too. I have looked around a lot the past couple weeks have not found anything on it as far as the measurements or materials needed for it. This is example any info on the measurements / materials much appreciated. If not prob gonna just preorder the Foe Hammer from focusattack site Thanks a bunch.


I built that case. :slight_smile:
PM me with what you need and we can go from there. :slight_smile:
Or are you looking to build your own?


Well i wouldn’t mind buying one depending on cost but i know people often charge a pretty penny for these standard cases but building my own would be a fun challenge until i fail enough that i just buy one :slight_smile:


Lol yeah, it’s fun to build but can be a pain or pretty easy depending on what you want your finished case to look like.
I don’t work with MDF any more (the case pictured was a prototype), but I do have a variety of woods and for an unfinished compact case (like the one above) they’re $75 shipped.

If you want to try building, another builder, satek, made a pretty good tutorial on making a very basic case. It isn’t finished, but there’s not much left; pretty much just drilling the control panel. He also sells cases too; cheaper than mine as well, but his cases are made of MDF.


Yeah I might just go with your deal not a fan of the MFD shit looks and feels cheap :\ thanks for the heads up


Works for me.


i highly recommend nitewalker, i was going to buy a third custom case i’d buy it from him (custom cases 1 and 2 were bought from him)