WTB Single player Vewlix control panel


I’ve been trying to get my hands on a single player control panel for the Vewlix arcade cabinet. Just the metal panel or even the whole control unit (not sure what to call it) as long as it’s in good shape.

If anyone here had one to sell please let me know. I’d really appreciate any info on how to get my hands on one as well. Thanks


something like this?


No, that’s a 2 player control panel cut in half. I need a full size single player panel.


Do you have a 2player panel on your cab?


Yea I have a 2p panel on mine at the moment.


well im looking for a 2player panel as long as it’s OEM. I would be willing to trade my single player cp.


Well I believe it’s OEM. I got it from someone who bought it off someone that won that lottery or whatever when sf4 first came out. I’m currently away on vacation but I’ll definitely think about it. I was hoping to hold on to this one as well but I’ve been having a hard time finding it that I most likely will take you up on the offer. I’ll be back home on Monday so I will let you know by then and take some pictures so you know the exact condition of the panel. If you have a picture of your panel, can you please post them?


on my phone… Not sure if you can view this but it’s the only one I have to share at the moment. I’ll post more close ups when I am back home. i67.tinypic.com/c106.jpg.
Btw I’m in NorCal even though my name says nyc… In case that matters.


hmmm sorry man I was really hoping you had a black panel. My vewlix is blue with a black control panel so it wouldnt really look too nice with a red one.


It may be easier for you to get one made. The metal would be cheap and I’m sure there are places near you that can drill out those holes using a layout from slagcoin or the like.