WTB: SNES controller


Looking for a good condition SNES controller. Hoping to not pay anything astronomical, because I plan to do some expensive modding to it. Hit me up.


Would you want me to check in with my local gaming store? I can get a price for you and such as well. They sell retro stuff.


Oh, man, that’d be awesome.


Messaged them on FB just now.


Their response:

That said, I can judge it, and you can tack $4 for shipping if interested?


I don’t need amazing condition, just working and not feeling like ass. Sounds good to me!


All right. I’ll probably not get there until Wednesday, so if somebody else offers something better… I’ll report back then. I get paid that day, and I’m buying a Dreamcast, so I’ll get the pads then.

I’ll get back to you. Hassle me if I don’t get back to you by Thursday afternoon or something.

Have a good weekend.


Oh, how many do you want?


Just one, thanks.


Going to the store today. You still want this, right?




Cool. With the prices listed, and what you said about not needing one in pristine condition, I’m going to see about getting a $6 one, so expect maybe $10?
I’ll confirm later on.


Ok, so I have bad news… sorta maybe…

I went there, and none of the pads he has in stock are first party. He’s got some ghetto third party ones that are “new”, and he claims are very close to SNES quality, and he’s got 3 or so of those turbo pads with the LCD screens on them.

Interested? I can easily go back… The place is like a 5 minute drive.


Ouch, shit. I just don’t know the quality and life of those.controllers.


Exactly… :frowning:
I suppose that means you’ll pass? Sorry dude. I asked him to let me know if he gets any official pads in. Maybe til then, try Craigslist?

This is the place - if you see something else you want that he posts, let me know.


I have a snes controller I’ll get home and test it out if you want one still. Never shipped anything out before just letting you know haha.


I got one. PM sent.


Heya, just randomly saw this thread and I was wondering if you still needed a SNES controller? Let me know if you do; I’ll send you a pm as well just in case you don’t check this thread.



whatcha planning to do with dem pads?


Hey obsidian- sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I did finally respond to your… response, lol. :smiley: I’ve got quite a few of them to pick from, so just let me know what’s up and we can go from there. ^ ^

Oh, and since I don’t have any Trading Outlet feedback yet (and rarely use the forums,) I figured I would include a link to my eBay User Profile in case you were curious if I was legitimate or not.