Wtb: Snk fatal fury hat


I got mine for a dollar new on Amazon last year, and I’m looking to get one for cheap again. preferably new. Mine got white paint on it :frowning:

any help?


you mean terry’s trucker hat, good luck getting it for a dollar.


I’m not saying a dollar, I’m just sayng I GOT it for a dollar.

I’m looking to pay 10 shipped. :\


Here is one for 19 shipped.
(EDIT) I just bought a different one for 15$ shipped. lol I am a dork


seller also has one for 15ish shipped :\ if push comes to shove I guess


It said official snk, go ahead treat yourself lol


man, I’m wanting the one from the movie. The one with the metal plate, any place that can make something like that? All I’ve found are goofy naruto hats.

I can probably offer a good price if someone can get one made.