WTB: SNK Neo-Geo 4-slot Motherboard


looking for one of these:


preferably working and jamma ready


Try these sites, i’ve seen a few go cheap, also check craigslist for your area and the areas around you, big red neo machines go up every so often near me, in northern Va.


best of luck


if you wish I could get one for you the price is 70 euros if you want to indicate to where you live in order to calculate the shipping greetings.


Yeah I’ve been scouting neo-geo but none for sale yet. there’s one for sale on craigslist is so-cal, but it’s over 100 miles from me, and I don’t feel like making that kind of a drive. just thought I’d post WTB here just to see what came up. thanks for the help though!

70 euros is a little over my budget. $100 was my max for this, also, shipping might cost a little more than I would like it too. thanks for the offer though! appreciate it.


ok do not worry I’ll try to fix it to only have to pay 100 dollars leave me a little more time a greeting


Just to be clear/sure, we’re talking about U.S. Dollars yes? American currency. If so, and if you can do $100 USD shipped to southern california, you’ve got yourself a deal. THANKS! let me know


ok try warn perfect before next week.


Sending you a pm