WTB: Someone's services

I need someone to go to a Fry’s electronics shop and pick me up solder flux and 26 gauge stranded tinned wire. I know I could buy online but they have no paypal and I don’t trust giving out my CC out. There’s no fry’s where I live and radioshack has nothing for electronics :mad:. Thanks a lot.

lemme grab the phone book, i could prolly help ya out. lots of places got that shit around here.

how would you give me the money for it with no paypal? cash thru the mail? yikes.

No I got paypal fry’s doesn’t have a paypal option…

Check out eBay for your stuff Tetsuosan.

kk mod close thread please

Paypal has an application where even if someone doesn’t go through paypal you can still use it, I forgot what it’s called but I’m sure you could find it on their site.

aight, pm me if you want me to grab it for ya, i found a place around the corner from my house thats got what you need.

^ cool I will