WTB: something stick related

I’m a noob to this forum and scene but had a question I was hopping someone can answer… I recently purchased a paewang pcb that I hooked up into my existing TE stick after I removed the old pcb… So is there a way I can make this work on a Wii and if so can someone give me some info or direct me somewhere I can BUY anything I might need to make this possible…

Thanks in advance

PiiWee from Toodles.

Thanks I will check it out

You still got the te pcb? Ill buy it from you lol

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Nope sorry, Does anyone know where I can find a Toodles PiiWee tutorial… and how would I wire it to my paewang pcb


No Tutorial.
Just like any Dual Mod.

cool thanks for the help man…this is just confusing as hell for me but im pretty sure i will figure it out when it gets here…