[WTB] Sony Pro Duo [WTT] MvC2 TE for R2 TE [WTS] Astro City Cab with PICS

-Offer me with the price shipped.
-Can also deal locally - I’m located in Long Beach (SoCal) but can drive around (farthest I’ll meet up is around Arcade Infinity)
-I’ll pay cash locally and paypal for shipped items.

[Want To Trade]
-My PS3 MvC2 TE for your PS3 or 360 Round 2 TE.

[Want To Buy]
[Memory Cards]
16gb MicroSD (Class 4+)
16gb Sony Pro Duo

[Want To Sell]
[Candy Cabinet]
-Sega Astro City - Don’t really want to sell this but I’ll let it go with 2 control panels (1p and 2p), CPS2 B board, Super Street Fighter 2 pcb, J-Pac (allows you to connect your pc to jamma), and a CPS2 kick harness for $1,000 total. No burn in on the monitor screen and everything is working fine. $1,400 with a Core 2 Duo computer. (Prefer to deal locally because I’ve never shipped anything this large)


The camera makes the arcade looks cleaner than what it really is (not saying it’s dirty, still a very good condition cab but the pictures makes it look brand new). The monitor is also in a horizontal position right now and not vertical. The 2 player panel is installed but you’ll get both so it doesn’t really matter. I’m only selling this because it’s taking up a lot of space and I need more room.

How much you looking to spend on a gutted TE? I’m in LB too and may be looking to part with one. I also have an xconverter I maay be interested in selling.

PM sent.

how much for the gutted TE?

you are a big fan of fighting games. LOL

PM sent.

I know, right?

Updated first post.

You know Tekken 5 DR is a PSN download title, right?

Thanks, didn’t know that.

I have a gutted TE. lol

No, you don’t!

Updated and removed a few things from the first post.

Bump, updated first post.

Sounds like a nice cab. I’m still looking for one near the midwest.

Added pictures for the Astro City.

if you were in my area,i would’ve picked up that cab already.

Just bought Blazblue for $29.99 new at Frys (price matched Gamestop)… updated first post again.

I have the Japanese version of TvC if you’re interested?

Oh my GOD if I was on the other side of the country (and currently not being forced to live in a dorm) that Astro City would be sold by now.

Sorry, looking for the American release.

i have an unopened American copy of tvc to sell.

40 shipped good?

pm if you are interested.