WTB: Soul Calibur II ver. D upgrade (arcade)

So I’ve gotten my hands on an SC II arcade kit, but I’m wearing out my pimp hand from slapping the shit out of my friends when they (try to) hit me with the Cassandra infinite. Does anyone have a ver. D update disc lying around? It’s a long shot, I know, but SRK has come through for me before. No harm in asking, I guess.

Annoyances aside, I almost forgot how much fun this game is. Old Asta is just like I remember…

I’ve got a SC2 ver.D disc that I could try dumping, from what i’ve been told copied discs should work as long as you have a genuine security dongle (and in the case of SC2 the memory card) but haven’t tried it myself. In fact I haven’t even test run my 246 since buying it… :looney:

If you can rip me a copy, the beer’s on me next time I hit Stockholm. Maybe you could .torrent it.

I’ll bump this once before I give up on it.

Eh, one more bump, for the weekend.