WTB: Spare HAPP Competition Joystick Parts! Need FAST!


Hey guys,

I’m missing some parts for 2 of my HAPP Competition Joysticks.

I need 2 of each of these:

  1. dust washer
  2. actuators
  3. e-clip that holds the actuator in place.

Please let me know the price, I need these ASAP!



Hey Satek, I’m not sure about the dust washer, or actuator, but if you need E-clips or surclips. Hit up pepboys/kragen/checkers. They should have it in the accessories or sometimes called the HELP! section with random tidbits. Comes in a box with a few different sizes.


PM me. I will give you a complete happ stick if you need it (I’ve got 2 sitting that I’m not using at the moment)