WTB: Sports Cards

Let me know what you have, i’m interested in buying mostly basketball, football, and baseball cards.

I have tons of old football cards. A couple shoeboxes filled. I bought a bunch of packs of cards when I was younger, and always picked them up at flea markets and such. My grandfather also gave me a bunch of his old cards.

I never knew enough about collectibles to sort them out and find the rare ones and I never bought any expensive singles, but if you’re willing to sort through a ton of cards you might find a few good ones.

PM me and let me know.

EDIT: And by old I mean OLD. I bought mine in the 90s and my grandfather’s are from his youth.

i have a ton of old basketball cards from the early 2000’s.

i’ve got a few memorabilla cards (jersey cards, lots of floor cards) and a few autograph cards of people who aren’t worth mentioning except mike bibby.

let me know. when i go home (i’m at school taking summer classes right now) next weekend (10th-12th), i’ll look for some of my more valuable cards that i misplaced.

Are there certain players you’re interested in?

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