WTB: Squaresoft PSone games

I am looking for a few original Playstation games from Squaresoft and I am located in the Bay Area, California.

-Chrono Cross
-Vagrant Story
-Legend of Mana
-Final Fantasy 8

I am mainly looking for the black label versions but if you have a greatest hits version for super cheap and you are local to me I would consider it. Only problem is that I don’t have access to my PayPal account right now because I forgot my password. I made the PP account years ago and just never used it so now I’m trying to deal with them to get my password changed but it has been a huge hassle. Anyway, I can send you a money order or something.


Hey, not trying to be a forum jerk, but you might want to remove the part about the ps2.


  • Modded Consoles. This includes modchips, swap discs and all other modded stuff.

i have chrono cross black label in good condition im willing to get rid of complete with booklet and all

I have Einhander black label in excellence condition and perfect booklet will be cost $100.00

i have Xenogears. offer on it?

I got Legend of Mana, black label mint condition, ill take $50 shipped.

Einhander for $100. I’d say more like $50 or $60. I’ve never seen that game go for that much.

pm sent lonestar if u want to add 10 bux to that money order ill throw in a greatest hits version of final fantasy orgins mint condition

Yeah, I knew, I love it game.
the people love priates copy disc on mod playstation is void. :rolleyes:

I have a Japanese copy of Einhander already and burns of all the games that I want, I’m just getting tired of doing the swap trick all the time to play them. I mostly use emulators, but sometimes I just wanna get in bed and play a long RPG.