WTB: ssf2t CPS2 a/b set

hey I’m looking for a reasonably priced cps2 ST setup, can be US or JPN region.

A board not necessary as they are easy to find cheap but preferred since I don’t have one. same goes for kick harness i suppose.

will pay via paypal


I have 2 of them including A boards… How much do you want to pay?

100 bucks? thats how much it is on coinop express anyway but would rather not ship from hongkong :slight_smile:

Steve, babe, let me help you with that problem :slight_smile:

complexz: Keep in mind that you need to order $200 minimum from them before shipping.

They use Fedex Intl Shipping, which makes the boards about $150 each if you order two, but you have to order two.

hey thats cool i mean I don’t buy alot of pcb’s i dont really know the going prices aside from the small amount of research I’ve done in the last few days. If my offer isint good enough by all means make a counter offer :slight_smile: