Wtb: ssf4: ae (pc)

Preferably new.

You can go on Steam right now to purchase the game for 20 dollars. If you want a Disc copy you can go on Amazon for $27.24

I want a disc copy, but I haven’t been able to find a good deal since Capcom-Unity’s $14.99 overstock sale. I regret not getting it for that price then. I feel like the price is gonna come down soon, so I don’t want to pay $25-30 for it right now. SF x Tekken’s release is 3 months from now, so I wonder if it’ll go down then.

I have a new unopened one with evil ryu and oni bobble heads for $25 shipped.

Shave a few dollars off and you have a deal. :slight_smile:

If he don’t take it I might consider. Those bubbleheads are super rare now.

Nah, they’re not rare yet, I see them on eBay and they were included with the aforementioned overstock sale at Capcom-Unity.