Wtb ssf4 ps3

Looking to get super early, if you have a copy i’ll pay you 40 plus another 40 for getting it early, if you want i have over 100 dollars in games i can throw in through game share.

MvC2, SF2 HDR, Hustle kings, SF alpha 2, Final Fight double impact, Mega man 9+10, and all the fallout DLC are things i can throw in if you can get me a copy ASAP.

I will only buy from someone locally or someone who is an upstanding member, If i decide to buy locally i would like to meet in the northwest suburbs of chicago.

if you would like more cash or anything let me know.

Just be Patient my friend


I was trying to be patient, I just cant do it. I got SF4 a week and a half early from 7-11 and just about every other game i have really wanted, what sucks is they are not getting it in now until the 25th which is still earlier but at that point i might as well wait for a midnight release at gamestop.

Im not a very patient person.

Oh and when MvC3 is coming out i would give my soul for it a week early.