WTB:: SSFIV Access for PS3


I need to buy access to SSFIV for PS3. I have it on Xbox and love it - but a couple friends are on PS3 and are bugging me to buy it.

I need to buy it in a package, unless two people at the same time have one of each piece.

I want to buy one of the following packages:

1.) DUAL MOD Xbox 360 pad + ChIMP with QD’s all setup - just plug and play + SSFIV for PS3

2.) PS3 TE Stick in good condition + SSFIV for PS3

3.) Xbox 360 TE PCB + ChIMP Dual Mod that is a plug and play + SSFIV for PS3


4.) Hori Brand stick + SSFIV for PS3

[LIST]All I want to be able to do is play SSFIV on PS3. I already have an Xbox TE and an Xbox Custom. I simply want an economical solution to play on PS3.[/LIST]
[LIST]If you live in the Bay Area and dual mod sticks and have a copy of SSFIV to sell - LET ME KNOW.[/LIST]
[LIST]Name your prices - include shipping into the listed price. I’ll take the easiest/cheapest post.



Where are you in the bay?


South south bayarea. I live near Gilroy but would be willin to travel north to get it done
. May have a dual mod, still working out some details. But still on the search for PS3 access to SSFIV! Anyone able to help me out?