WTB: Steel Battalion items

Looking to buy any Steel Battalion products. Guide, figures, etc. Possibly interested in buying games and controllers, not looking to pay a lot though, as Xbox Live is going down next month. Just picked 2 up for $50+ shipping each, so I’m looking to pay about that. Please let me know what you have.

I’ve got an assembled MC Cthulhu and an unassembled IMP for sale, same price that gamingnow and lizardlick sell them for. Prolly another $5 for priority shipping for both if your interested


got a complete in box, pretty much new steel battalion setup. let me know if you are interested. any chance you are in atlanta/GA area? i can’t even begin to imaging shipping this thing.

I’ve got a like new in box and I live in Columbus OH if you want to arrange something.


I have 2 controllers, a brand new unopened, and a good condition in original box. I’m in NY.



i have not had a chance to look at mine to see the condition. i will let you know asap.

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