WTB Steel KDIT style case or cheap TE case

ISO a new stick. I am coming back for V and I want to build again and I’m looking for a case like this http://kdit.myweb.hinet.net/dianjinggedouyaogan.html
problem with KDIT they want $70 then $50 to ship from taiwan. I would like to see what other options are out there before I squeeze the trigger on this. If anyone has any experience buying from them please PM me.

lemme know otherwise what you have to sell.

SOLD thanks everyone*




Qanba Q4 silent custom
Custom plexi top for art
Coaster feet
Gamerfinger buttons w/orange switches
Gamerfinger optical JLF pcb
Octogate installed with 2lb spring but can switch back to square gate

No cable bay door but in good condition

I am selling my FoeHammer TE case it has a custom E. Honda etch and Noir layout. Also has a custom wire harness. $50 plus shipping

I also have the following used parts:
3 clear Seimitsu 30 mm $3 each SOLD
3 translucent red seimitsu 30mm $3 each SOLD
2 sanwa snap ins white $2 each SOLD
1 sanwa snap ins red $2 each SOLD
SOLD 1 sanwa JLF with 3lb spring, octogate and Rolie Flash PCB $30 SOLD




Also I have recently procured 2 never used Zippy kits. $50.00 plus shipping per set. SOLD



I’m willing to negotiate. Prices do not include shipping.

I’m in Salt Lake City UT so calculate that in for shipping costs. PM me if interested.

I will do a straight trade- my SCV bezel + SCV artwork for a TE bezel. I am getting desperate here :blush:

I have white TE sides and red TE bezel. Let me know if you are interested.

@champ2447 Yes very much so. PM’d

New Item. BlazBlue PS3 disc $10 + shipping in the Continental US.

really i want the game

@AVC pm me with your address and zip and I can ship it out Tuesday morning. I take PayPal.

Updated with my eBay items up top!

OK I give up!!! BlazBlue Extend PS3 is10 bucks includes shipping in the continental US.

BlazBlue on hold pending sale

Sold BlazBlue thanks @Kid_Kaos

Auctions closed. Nothing to sell and nothing I need… for now.

New Stuff and am in serious need of at least 80 bucks to by a new case from the old man Foe

Pics links added

SOLD to @Darksakul

jpenguin77 is a great seller. Got my Madcatz Soul Edition case.
Now I just waiting for other parts to come in to finish the mod.

Updated new items

PM Sent

Link to video of stick

big ups to the avian smackdown and the robin to my modding batman. Legit seller here.