Wtb stick art...6 button plexi


So I have a Chin Li TE that I would like to turn into a Rufus stick…looking for someone that could make the art for me and would have him match the blue case and white bezel of the stick…also a 6 button plexi if anyone has one avaible…currently I have white buttons and a blue balltop on the stick but would switch them out to match


Okay, so you need to commission an artist to do work for you ?

As for Art work, @d3v is prolly my favorite, he’s made some awesome stuff themed after Japanese candy cabinets, and some really cool original work, and some nice source material mash ups, but there are others, I suggest you take the buttons and ball top out and take a picture of them, and once you’ve got new art to print/install you can then sell off the old ones, buy the new colors you want, and have Art (Art from Art’s Hobbies) print your stick art and make you a plexi.

Go here

or, go to Amped Up Customs, I think he does Plexis and stuff too. He’s got a thread in the trading outlet.

I realize i’m biased but I’ve had experience with all 3 parties mentioned and they’re all top notch people.


AMP Up here and I will most deff help you out. I’m super interested in the Chun top metal panel with the 3D art work. Is it for PS3? Please say yes. Pm me if you need more help. Thanks.

Thanks @Trugoy‌ for the name drop. :slight_smile:


Yes its ps3!


Pm coming your way.