WTB: Stick bag for my VS stick


Looking for a bag for my stick. i kinda dont trust the madcatz messenger bag because ive seen it first hand that someone dropped it out at EVO

so if anybody has one like the
SFXT Arcade Pro Fight Stick Bag

hit me up :smiley:


I have a “Carrier” bag that i’d sell for $35 shipped. Its the more expensive madcatz bag, not the “Messenger” one that you mentioned that you dont trust.
Its brand new, still in the plastic bag w/ tags.



Pretty sure I remember MarkMan saying somewhere that this bag won’t hold a VS.


Interesting to know. Hopefully Slideshow takes that in to account.


nah he confirmed that the VS does not fit in that bag.


just confirmed it with markman:


A little bit more than a MadCatz messenger, but when I went to EVO I bought a Jordan backpack there at a Ross store that just so happened to fit a VS plus room for other stuff, here’s links to similar ones…


i mean thats good and all but all thats gonna do is leave marks on the stick and scuff it up


This is the cheaper version of the SFxT bag. I have it and it work great for my VS. It is a capcom store exclusive, so I am doubtful you will find it for a cheaper price, or find somebody willing to part with it for less than retail. The only difference seems to be color and the missing SFxT logo (which is a bonus for me).



So it fits perfect for it? pretty much the same bag just missing the logo and stuff?


I will check if my Qanba Bag fits. It fits the Q4 Series and it has a lot of cushions,it’s better then The MadCatz Carrier when comes to protection. I will let you know.


Perfect fit, same bag. Ony the logo and the piping (edges) is black instead of yellow. There is also a little silkscreen white capcom logo. I was watching the FGTV stream where fchamp was showing everybody the yellow version, and it looks exactly like mine materials form and dimensions wise.